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Default Re: Do '00-'02 S-Cars Burn Oil Too?

Originally Posted by myoung
The 01-02 engine is the cream of the crop. The intake manifold was redesigned, the "California" emissions air pump was put on all vehicles, the spark plugs and wires have all kinds of connectors to prevent arching, and they have the redesigned head, as do all 99+ DOHC. It's solid.
Someone may correct me on this, but I believe that most of those changes came in mid-year 99. My 2000 has the redesigned plastic intake manifold and the AIR pump and the extra goodies on the spark plug wires. There may be other changes that came in in '01, but I believe those came in earlier.

As for oil usage. Right now, my wife drives a '98 SL2 with 133K on it and I drive a 2000 SW2 with 75K. I've never added oil to either one except when changing.
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