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Originally posted by Charlie
I can assure you that no one will have to defend their purchase of a Relay. We are all Saturn owners and part of the SaturnFans family -- I will not tolerate anyone questioning why another member purchased any car, whether its a Relay, VUE, ION, L300, or another make. We all have our personal preferences, and reasons for doing things. Whether you, me, or anyone else likes it or not, the Relay is a Saturn and SaturnFans is a community for Saturn owners.

BTW, I've had a delay in implementing some of the changes in store for the site. The Relay forum will come online once everything is complete.

Hope the clears things up,
Thank You Charlie!

You newer members have no idea what us first year 2003 ION owners went through with some older members, it wasn't very pleasant.
Everyone should feel comfortable spending quality time here.
I love this place!

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