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Default Re: Occasional Security light, ODOM deduct, P1629 code while runs

Thanks fdryer. Just yesterday got wiring and connector diagrams from ALDATADIY. Will be following your suggestions. Yes, I had seen those similar threads. And was planning to do ground path and power path resistance checks and visual ground point checks. Seems like ALLDATA info will show me the correct ground points to look for. Sorry failed to mention that.

By the way, Power Steering Assist is enabled, and thus can be disabled by a crashed/faulty BCM... Yes, I agree, it is not controlled by BCM. I've only lost Assist when the BCM crashed. I've reset BC once by taking its connectors off and waiting at least 1 minute. Then restart engine and all is OK.

Does anybody have any further feedback about getting a refurbished BCM from ? Or new, or rebuilt, from anywhere else?

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