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Default Re: Yep another new guy with another PS problem

OK a quick update. Had the fault codes pulled. There were several but the most seemed to center around a bad O2 sensor. Sensor 1 Bank 1. I think this is one of the upstream sensors. Never have looked so I don't know if it's in a place I can reach without getting the car on a lift.

EVAP system leak, but I'm thinking bad gas cap as it still has the original. I'm going to cut a temporary gasket to make a better seal and see if it clears that code. If it does I'll get a new gas cap.

Variable valve timing advanced. Possibly a bad sensor, but I am wondering if it is from the bad O2 sensor creating a rich AFR and the computer advancing the timing? I'll fix the O2 sensor issue first and then have the codes re-pulled and see if the VVT code disappears.

No codes for power steering issues or traction control or ABS all of which come up in the DIC. Absolutely stumped on those three issues.
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