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Default whine/groan from new AC Compressor

Not having much luck with my L lately. Over the past several months, I've had a new high pressure AC line and condenser installed due to leaks. Then, about a month ago, I needed a new compressor due to a leaking seal.

Today, I noticed a 'significant' groaning/whining sound while accelerating. It has a new tensioner and belt. So I had a thought...I turned off the AC and it was instantly quiet. Turned the AC back on and the noise was back. The clutch does kick in.

With the hood up at idle, I was able to rev it a little from under the hood and you can definitely hear it with the clutch running and it's quiet with the clutch off.

I never had a bad sound from the last compressor during any of the leaks. Has anyone ever had this issue with a brand new compressor? It's not a rebuilt.

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