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Default Re: Ticking from the drivers side.

Originally Posted by jambra1 View Post
CV joint or compromised CV boot, perhaps? Is it noticeably worse when turning the wheel to the left or right?
if im not mistaken when i turn righ it lessona a lil but i do slow down when turning but i also will say at the car wash right b4 i noticed it.. i was sitting in my car it was off and i had to get my keys out of my pocket so i braced myself by pressing the break in all the way and was able to get my hand in my pocket... my breaks wer just changed about 3 months ago and now i do notice a sqweek when i stop and break... i dont know id its cause of the alignment cause getting those new tires did throw it off cause it pulls to the left now when b4 having them replaced it didnt do it...that dang ticking.. i have to turn the system up just to deadiin the ticking... but in the back of my mind i hear it lol..
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