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Default Re: Ticking from the drivers side.

Originally Posted by ZepSL2 View Post
For me the closest to that was a pebble stuck in my tire tread but that was easy to figure out cause the faster i went the faster the click. You do not hear it at slower speeds cause pebble is not hitting street hard/fast enough to get a nice clean loud click sound.

anyway is the ticking constant or does the tempo increase the faster you go?
How about RPM... constant tempo no matter what the RPM?
no onlt when i hit 27 miles per hr plis when im breaking it stops st 27 mph. i took the tire off completly and rotated it and didnt see anything.. im gonna check againas for rpm i can drive and when i it (i.e.) 50mph and put the car in nutrual i can hear it until ithe mph says 27 it stops.....
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