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Default Re: Just bought used SC2, something weird in 2nd gear

Originally Posted by wy2sl0 View Post
Hi everyone.

If I use 15% throttle, or even wide open, the car will in second gear only mind you, seem like it is shifting into a gear that is between 2nd and 3rd and RPMS will drop, in the middle of the gear. Its so weird to explain. If I am WOT it will hang there for a couple seconds, and if im going easy it just does a mini shift it seems like, but it isnt the 2-3 because when I count its like I have 5 gears

If im on it heavy the shifts seem ok besides that so I dont think its slipping?

Thanks for reading any ideas will help! Im just doing Seafoam now so I havent changed the plugs yet but im going to change them after that and then do a tranny flush and filter.
Just to add I dug this up and this is EXACTLY WHAT MINE DOES, except at ALL throttle inputs

It doesnt seem normal
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