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Default Re: Tired of the negativity

I don't see anything to be positive about. I was with Saturn when they were "A Different Kind of Company, A Different Kind of Car." They really haven't been about a different kind of car for a few years now, and the current rhetoric from Saturn people in-the-know is all about how they're still a different kind of company. But of course, who cares about the car!

They told us to "Rethink American" as they moved manufacturing out of the US, and now it sounds like the so-called-best conclusion for Saturn is for them to sell re-badged imports.

I appreciate those of you who work/worked for Saturn posting here, but I'm not buying the Kool-Aid. Saturn has become a bunch of upper management and dealers trying to save their jobs, but they clearly don't care about the car. To quote an earlier post, "I just want a reliable, affordable, sporty car designed and built in the United States with dent resistant body panels. Give me that, and I'll stop being negative!"
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