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Default Re: Tired of the negativity

Originally Posted by oduhoo View Post
I agree too, and I don't work for Saturn. I have never owned a GM product in 30 years of purchasing cars and own 2 Hondas in addition to my recently purchased Astra. And for those who think that positive people are simple fools, we aren't. As a degreed engineer (including masters) from one of the best public universities in America (Univ of Virginia), I can see that GM (Europe and Americs) can make good cars. Years of stupid decisions have resulted in lots of crap, but it might now change.
Some people will always criticizes. now that there is a speck of light at the end of the tunnel.
they will focus on something else... ok ,it's (Saturn) not dead but ........

They did/do make positive people look like simple fools because they think they know better.
I was/am positive about Saturn future .... I am no dummy .... I worked has a process analyst for a large corporation.
Saturn top management are not fools or idiots that don't know what they are doing. It is very hard and complicated.
Critics will all say .... all they have to do is this and that..... move this and that....

I don't take these critics very seriously...anyway they will blinded by the light.....
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