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Default Tired of the negativity

I have been a Saturn employee for 10 years and have been a frequent visitor to this forum, do not post a lot and usually enjoy what people have to say. We are all aware of the situation that both Saturn and GM are in. We are all aware of the changes with Saturn in recent years of becoming GM. We all miss the old days and the old product but guess what, they are not coming back.
There is a small group of individuals who frequent this forum who apparently take pleasure in spreading negativity. They feel the need to make comments regardless of the subject and no matter how little they know about it. Go elsewhere if you have given up and have nothing positive to say. The name of the site is "Saturn Fans" for those who have lost focus. Fan is short for fanatic. I am fanatical about the ongoing existence of this company no matter what GM lays out there for us. Regardless of what product we are selling, we will still have the best group of employees, the best sales experience and the best service experience of any manufacturer out there. Hopefully the economy and customer confidence changes soon and allows us to remain here to further assist our current customer and welcome new members to the family.

Carl Burke-F.O.M./Saturn of Norwood

P.S. Charlie, if you feel this is inappropriate, feel free to do with it as you wish and keep up the great work.
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