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Default What camshafts will fit my 99 DOHC?

This is about my 1999 SW2.
My poor motor had a bad day. I was havin some fun in the snow, goin sideways and everything. Oil light started to flicker. Then a lot of ticking near 3000 rpm, then death. Had it towed home and pulled the head. Catastrophic damage. First thing I noticed (before head came off) the exhaust cam didnt turn with the rest of the valvetrain. Found out the dowel ont he front of the cam that hold the cam gear snapped off.

+1 for a new cam, yay.

I looked on ebay and other places. Can only find cams for like 91-93 or 91-97 S-series vehicles. Will those work on my 99 or does it have to be a 99 cam? I even found a nice one at a local wreck yard for a 1996 S-series for like 60 bucks. Would love to buy it but not if it won't fit!

Also, what year pistons will fit in this motor? The top of piston number 2 was reduced to rubble when the ring stopped dead in its tracks and tried to tell the rest of the rotating asembly to stop. Now the top ring is laying ONTOP of the piston.

Any help would be AWESOME

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