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Well, it's telling you that something isn't right. Fortunately, that something can't be the autotragic transmission

I would start by making sure all sensor connections are clean and snapped on their terminals, make sure battery cables are clean. Depending on your abilities, some might be too difficult for you.

You can buy a portable scangauge that will read codes for post-96 cars. It will tell you the fault. Scangauge II are $169 on-line, I think.
Next option is to take it to an independent garage to connect their elaborate scanner.
Last desirable option would be take it to a Saturn dealer for the same.

Have you replaced the "ECTS" with a brass one? You should. and make sure its connector is clean.
Have you cleaned the throttle body and butterfly plate? Both sides, please.
Have you cleaned the EGR valve?
Have you cleaned the PCV?

All are easy and there are videos too.

Good luck with your Saturn. GM made a mistake and built these cars too well. Our gain!
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