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Default Re: Code P0301 Troubleshooting

Originally Posted by Gerry Proctor View Post
Sometimes a scenario 1 will temporarily resolve itself. It has to do with exactly what's causing the problem. If it's a matter of a plug disorder, then many times the plug will begin to fire even though it has failed to contribute to the starting of the engine. It's difficult to light a plug in a rich mixture, such as you would have on a first start. Same thing for the secondary ignition wires.

Though one should look at this bad/okay situation as a severe warning that a tune up is in order and things will only get worse and more costly from this point. If it's just a plug or wire, it will eventually take out the coils as the plugs get harder and harder to fire. That voltage has to go somewhere and even if the system manages to fire the plug, the coil secondary voltage will be far in excess of what it should be, which makes the coils run hotter and live a shorter life
I think this is my problem. The coils. But u just replaced plugs And coils last year. Didnt do the wires though. But I did just replace the plugs
And wires now. And still have either p0301 or p0303. Could my coils have worn out in only a year. I got them from autozone so I'm sure theyre not that great
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