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Default Re: Washing killed my car?

Sorry for the long delay. After replacing the PCV valve and the breather hoses, it ran fine. Still has the check engine code for the cat. But that will be in the mail next payday.

I replaced the spark plugs (NGK) and wires (can't remember but it was a brand recommended besides OEM) radiator (unfortunately not the hoses) and did a transmission fluid change along with the filter. I used Valvoline's version of DEXRON III and a Fram filter, so not the best (Mobil 1 and an OEM filter), but I think I could have done worse.

I did find that there was oil in the plug well for cylinder#1. But I am hoping I just spilled it there without remembering, probably wishful thinking though. I wiped it out when I was checking the spark plug gap, and some must have gotten in the cylinder because it smoked a ton when I started it the next time.

Side note: can a toasted cat cause your car to smoke at all? I know what I saw was oil smoke, but I was wondering if your exhaust would be visible with a worn out converter as well.

I will be keeping an eye on it to see if I have some sort of oil leak, in which case I think I might just set this damn thing on fire because HVAC and engine interal parts are about the only thing I can't do, and I sure as hell don't want to pay a dealer's labor rates.

To do list:
- Crankshaft position sensor (in the mail from saturnparts)
- Catalytic converter (next pay day)
- Sunroof module (aluminum guides from sunroof doctor - wish list)
- Find a solution to dry rotted biscuit (tan) leather seat covers other than the ********** $500+ per seat that OEM costs. Why can't I find these in a junkyard somewhere?????


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