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2007 Outlook XR
Default Re: (no longer) URGENT input needed - military wife traveling & near-stranded

We made it back to D.C. WITH the Outlook after a $150.00 repair. I'm not confident the repair was the issue as it doesn't really make sense, BUT we haven't experienced the hot transmission warning light again.

Dealer we bought the car from had "fixed" a hose. The hose was to the purge valve. Their "fix" was to wrap electrical tape around the hose. Went ahead and replaced the purge valve too while we were at it. (This WOULD help explain the crap-static gas mileage the car was telling me (started at 15 mpg when purchased and gradually decreased to 10 mpg during trip).

As I said, no warning lights since then. But we still have the noises to contend with, which are getting worse.

I'm attaching (I hope) a recording of a drive around our neighborhood this morning. (Apologies for the dog-panting noise you may hear.) The first noise I speak of you will immediately hear and has been present since we brought the car home. Is this just how this particular year/make/model sounds?

Soon after you will hear my blinker for a turn. There is a prevalent noise that masks a secondary noise (not sure if you'll be able to hear it). Again, the prevelant noise first showed up during the trip. The secondary noise surfaced upon driving the car home after purchase.

As for the AC issues, they are still present and remain as previously described - about an hour after car has been running, no force of air difference when adjusting fan speed. Car cools and it works again. As I don't drive to work, most of my driving incorporates trips of 5 to 30 minutes (to school, grocery store, doctor appts, etc.). As stated by PP, car may be acting as it should when it gets hot and not running the AC fan. But if the temp gauge isn't functioning properly, I wouldn't know the car was hot.

Re the temp gage - the mechanic in TX couldn't quite figure it out. His BCM was showing a definite difference in what it was reading and what the gauge showed while the car was running, but it wasn't overheating. After turning the car off, the gauge eventually started to drop and the BCM was in-synch. I'm going to have the temp gauge replaced and then the sensor (if need be).

But even doing that, there's an underlying issue. WHY IS THE VEHICLE GETTING HOT?

Also, why didn't the car throw any codes when the hot tranny message appeared?

2007 Outlook XR AWD
Dark Blue, Tan Leather, 2nd row Captains Chairs
Fully Loaded
Engine Replaced by dealer at 100k, Evidence of new(er) transmission
(Purchased in Feb 2017 with 165k miles)


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