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Default Re: Interior water leaks

Originally Posted by Smee View Post
Have any members experienced water leaks while parked? Have an 08 Outlook XR and am taking the car in tomorrow (for the fourth time) to have it "repaired"? Had a problem on the driver side and they reconnected a hose. No further issues on that side but now the passenger side is leaking. First time in on that side the tech applied some caulking but no dice, leaked on the next rain. Second time in they increased the diameter of hose, said it was plugged, still leaked when it rained. Don't know what to expect tomorrow. Does anybody have any ideas/suggestions? Dealer is open to the issue and trying to fix it but ... Interior carpeting is saturated and I'm concerned about mold over time. TIA!
Are you talking about leaks from the sunroof? If you are, your dealer does not have any idea about what he is doing. There is a recall on the sunroof drain hoses with specific instructions on how they whould be repaired. Do a search on sunroof leaks and you will find ample posts about this, it is nothing new.

Are you talking about leaks from the roof rails? If so, some did not get sealed properly and silicone can be used here by the dealer (on the screws them selves).

Sounds like to me you need a new dealer. The carpeting and any other damage caused by the sunroof leaks can and should be replaced under waranty unless they are able to clean them sufficiently, as mine did.

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