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2002 SL2
Default Re: 02 SL2 Trouble Codes P0708 (2 instances), P0037, plus VB issue/questions

Originally Posted by J.W. View Post

Thank you for the info! I was wondering about electrical issues, and will investigate this further....
Sorry for this late reply.. From memory : The wires going from the flat plug on top the tranny can be examined by feel. remover the wrapping going back about 8 " or so to the main harness. If the wire is broken, it may show as a bump in the insulation, a thin spot in the insulation , or some other anomaly.
I'm currently doing similar trouble shooting. I have found no suspect wires. I do have a test probe with a needle point with which you can carefully puncture the insulation (hoping to hit the conductor) and the other meter probe to the contact on the plug ( plug removed from socket ). then with your 3rd or 4th hand try to gently wriggle the wire. It's not the best way , unfortunately it's about the only one. Ideas welcome ! !
A new plug can be ordered, with pigtails for about $ 70. 00 . Try doing a search on this site for more info, including plug part numbers etc.
If you find the cause... spread it around !
Thank you for all the info, JW! LOL at 3rd & 4th hands. I think those are available on amazon. =P So basically, the wire diagnostic procedure is rather involved, but sounds like the only way to go about doing it given the available info. Considering the price of the plug with pigtails, and my currently tight time budget, it's almost wort ordering that and swapping it out, IMO. Indeed, will share the details when a cure is found.


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