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2002 SL2
Default Re: 02 SL2 Trouble Codes P0708 (2 instances), P0037, plus VB issue/questions

Originally Posted by Saturn Night View Post
I would contact Special Forces and order a new Valve Body. Reverse Slam has always been present, which means the Valve Body is shot.

Slamming in forward gears is likely an issue with the pressure regulator valve bore and/or the line pressure solenoid.

Special Forces will send instructions on which bolts go where.

Fixing the engine codes will also help with shifting. If the engine misfires, runs too rich/lean, it will cause poor shifting.

And make sure to change the fluid. The Saturn TAAT is the one transmission, that changing worn fluid will not hurt it. My TAAT had 163k, reverse slam, a quirky downshifting issue when cold, and the TCC solenoid was sticking. The fluid had never been changed and it had a factory trans filter still on it.

Changed the fluid. Replaced the valve body. Currently at 197k. Just did my scheduled service at 193,999 miles, for the trans fluid, since I did the repair work.

Runs and shifts fine. Has even gone to the drag strip a few times and been beat on going down the track at WOT.
@Saturn Night
Thank you for the feedback! A compromised VB seems to make sense here, given all these issues popping up. I'll look into Special Forces VBs. Will also change the fluid, too.


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