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Default Re: I must say Good Bye to this Awesome Fourmů

Originally Posted by MacMaverick View Post
For anyone curious, I was going along back home from work and my vehicle just lost power and died after going uphill and making about 75% of the climb. I had to get a tow to my normal repair shop. Once there, I find that there is a "For Sale" sign.
The next day I get an Uber there for when they open and find that there is only three people working at the location as the owner is now "partially retired". Meaning that my beloved shop is now in the process of shutting down.
we're definitely living in a new "malaise era", especially when it comes to independent businesses like repair shops. it's a real shame.

Originally Posted by MacMaverick View Post
I am presented with a 12 page estimate that included: bent radiator replacement, mounting bushing replacements, oxygen sensor replacements, shocks & strut replacements, new tires since the alignment was gone, and the nail in the coffin: the catalytic converter was done.
unfortunately, that does sound like the kind of scalping some shops will pull on uninformed customers, especially under new management or when desperate... they don't even care about your actual problem, they just want to run up as big of a bill as they can and hope you pay it. i'd think twice about retiring the car, it surely has plenty of life left especially if you're willing to do your own work.

edit: oh, and, uh, i see your car is a quad coupe... if you're donating it, would you consider selling it for cheap? i'm a diehard s-series enthusiast but i have wanted one of those quad coupes for a long time. they never did make an s-series with the dual suicide doors in the back and i just like the idea. if you'd consider it, let me know! you're welcome to send a pm
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