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Default Re: Problem areas to look for when buying an Astra

Originally Posted by maschinenbauer View Post
I've never heard of the dieseling issue due to cam wear. In fact I haven't seen anything on this forum about camshaft wear. Some folks get the cam phaser solenoid issue, where the inlet screens get clogged, but nothing about the actual camshaft.
That dieseling issue is quite common. It is camshaft phasers as detailed in this post (different from the troublesome camshaft position actuators). Sorry for the confusion.

Originally Posted by maschinenbauer View Post
Take AstraFasta's list with a grain of salt. He somehow found the biggest lemon of them all. I'm still convinced your car must have flood history. Anything about Houston on the vehicle history?
hahaha. My Astra has had lots of issues but is also hyper-well maintained. It looks and runs like a brand new car and is fun to drive so there's that.

No flood history as we purchased it new with about 30 miles on it.

All the Astra issues I noted are the typical Astra problems we see constantly on forums in the US and Europe. I just happened to run into most of them, unfortunately.

Below is a rather comprehensive maintenance log of my Astra from 45k-75k miles

Of course, the auto transmission cooler is a disaster but since OP is looking at a manual version, I did not mention that expensive debacle : )
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