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Default Re: Engine cleaning suggestions?

I just joined so I hope my post isnt too late.

I have been detailing cars for many years and just started doing it for others (and money) 3 years ago.

What I do is this.

Let engine cool

Spray a good degreaser diluted 4:1 (I use Meguiars Super Degreaser that I get from Autogeek) on the whole engine bay and under hood

Let it "dwell" or soak for 3-5 min

Spray it off with a power washer (kept about 5-12 inches away) being careful not to soak any critical components (alternator, ECM, TCM, etc) with the engine idling.

I have yet to have a problem doing it this way. I know lots of people would say dont use a powerwasher but if you think about it the amount of water per min using a PW is much less than with a regular hose. There is more air.
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