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2006 RELAY-3
Default Re: Saturn Relay Challenge

Hello, All! First post and my fingers are in my ears and I am saying 'lalalalalalalalalala' so I can't hear! Wow! We have just purchased (10 days ago) a 2006 Relay 3. First of all, we love the vehicle. We were driving our little Class C 21' Winnie through Oregon in March of 2012 when my husband contracted sepsis pneumonia. Life support, ICU 2 months then rehab 2 months. Had to sell the little one and I bought a travel trailer since we knew we were going to be here awhile (kidneys failed as a result and recovery from it all would take time). Our retirement housing in Missouri fell through due to tie frames and so here we are. I didn't know what kind of trailer I was going to buy so I bought a used - 1996 - Dodge Ram 3500. Had it til May of this year (did routine maintenance) and decided to sell/trade for something more gas efficient since there was no way I was going to be able to pull this 31'er out of here and hubby can't help. Was told EVERYRTHING was wrong and would cost $6,000 to fix!! So..... I sold it on e-Bay for enough to pay it off and started looking for another vehicle. Voila! Our Saturn! Having shocks and struts put on it and will do brakes soon (original plan was for me to work part-time but I can't now since I am full-time caregiver for my husband) so I am praying that we have one of the Relays that doesn't need a lot of work. We did buy an extended warranty for it, but so many things aren't covered. Don't know what we will do if it turns out to be a problem vehicle, but for now, we love it and it has plenty of room for wheelchairs and walkers. Fingers crossed!
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