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2004 VUE Red Line
Default Survey: Does YOUR RL have rear camber?

Ok, sorry I've posted a similar topic a while ago. However, I didn't get much response.

I am having a bad time with my tires (rear) being shredded over a short time period. In fact my case is with Saturn Corporate now.

However, while I wait, my tires are at the mercy of potentially wrong camber (which service claims is "probably" normal).

My questions to you RL owners:

1) Do you have really noticeable rear camber? ie) does it look like your rear end is overloaded and the wheels are bent out?(Mine are evn when aligned, and under no load - appears to be a few degrees.)

2) Do you have very straight camber? (Or mostly vertical)

3) Is their a correlation between the recall from a few years ago - if you got it at all( the suspension adjustment to avoid rollover) and your present camber?

Thanks for humoring me on this. Its been really stressful on us with the cost of these tires, and the whole rear alignment fiasco we went through.

PS: Perhaps I could post pics from the rear end so you can see for yourselves...?


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