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Default Re: Need to find a spot to run a power line for a Subwoofer.

Okay, so here's a quick snap through of what I did.

I didn't buy a battery tap, I used the power terminal off the UHJB, was much easier and there was plenty of room without modifying anything.

You see 2 wires because I ran a dedicated lead for my head unit as well as the subwoofer. Every connection in the wiring here is soldered, wrapped in heat shrink, and in many cases, electrical tape on top of it.

I put my wiring through this main boot here, next to the wire loom for just about everything in the car. Maybe you want to go a little farther away from the main loom when you push through here.

I cut a wire coat hanger down and duct taped the power cable to it. Works like a charm.

Here you can see from the driver's foot well how I ran mine. There's plenty of room to run the wire up through a gap in the metal frame here to keep it out of the way. It doesn't interfere with anything while I'm driving or when I am using the ODBII port.

There's a bit of insulation etc, to contend with when you have to find the wire hanger you push through. You might end up hitting the insulation and not coming through cleanly next to the wire loom that's already in place. Just follow it to the root and fish around next to it with your fingers, you'll find what you pushed through.

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