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Default Re: Tire Size Help (widest tire on OE wheel)


If you search for tires by vehicle on Discount Tire Direct, the search results include "plus" sizes. Tire Rack does not include this information.

Discount Tire Direct states that a 195/65R14 or 205/60R14 tire will fit the stock wheel. The former size is limited in terms of performance all-season tires (plenty of 195/60R14 tires to choose from though) and Discount Tire Direct (among other retailers, but not Tire Rack) sell the Falken Ziex ZE-512 tire in the latter size.

Additionally, actual tire size may vary according to manufacturer. A magazine did a comparison test among several tires a few years ago and found that tire size was slightly different for each manufacturer even though they were identified as being the same size tire. I think it was Sport Compact Car (RIP), but I'm not certain. Tire Rack includes a warning about this in their tire size guide.


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