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Default Re: Tire Size Help (widest tire on OE wheel)

Thank you for the help (and sarcasm). Obviously, I am in dire need of additional traction due to the wheelspin (the engine produces an estimated 60 horspower at the drive wheels). So, naturally, I need the widest contact patch possible.

I'm not planning to recalibrate the speedometer. I'll probably use my girlfriend's GPS unit to check how accurate or inaccurate the speedometer is with the new tires mounted. I know the GPS unit reads accurately (tested in many different vehicles with O.E. equipment).

The primary reason for installing a wider tire is the frightful lack of lateral grip. I'm probably going to install a set of high performance all-season radials, which will also have the benefit of not being cracked and riddled with flat spots. The car will always be slow, but it would be nice if it were a bit more tossable in corners. I'm well versed in the art of momentum driving having driven many painfully underpowered vehicles in my life.


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