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Default Re: Tire Size Help (widest tire on OE wheel)

Before i get into it i'll explain what the numbers mean in case you don't already know.
195 (or 175) is the width of the tire in millimeters
60 (or 70) is the height of the side wall, its an aspect ratio that is described as a percentage of the tire width

You want to know if the 175/70/R14 and 165/60/R14 are the same height. Its as simple as multiplying the 175 * 70% and 165 * 60% and seeing if there the same:
.70 * 175 = 122.5 millimeters
.60 * 195 = 117 millimeters

There not quite the same therefore your speedometer would be off (slower)
If you used a 195/65/R14 (126.75 millimeter) The speedometer would be a little Fast
If you used a 205/60/R14 (123 millimeters) it would work.
(I know 205's fit on my 96 SC2 with out rubbing on anything)
Hope this helps

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