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Default Re: Saturn Astra XR 3-Door: A Saturn Worth Looking At

Originally Posted by crystal scan View Post
people buy there hondas because the low maninence Gms are high maintence vehices with oil changes and trans fluid changes , people just want to drive and maybe a oild change here and there and thats it, the amrican people are dumb robots they are told what to buy so they buy like good little robot
In the past 3 years I spent ~$150 on maintenance. The 100k maintenance may cost $1000, with my driving habits that may happen in 10 years. That would be $100 a year and well worth the super reliable, world class performance the Honda engine provides.

The only part to fail since I owned my VUE was my seat back, a Saturn part...

Like many other Saturn owners the Honda engine made a believer out of me of how smooth, powerful, and well built an engine can be.

Building the polymer body VUE with this engine was a stroke of genius.

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