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Originally Posted by XRL View Post
Most Fram suck. But the Tough Guard is the only decent one. It's not great, just the best you can get at walmart.

Big comparison of oil filters. It's a good read.
I've read through that "analysis" in the past and frankly I find it mildly entertaining at best and completely misleading at worst.

It's nothing more than a subjective opinion based on qualitative observations of several filters. It doesn't tell me a thing about the filtering efficiency, long-term durability, or anything else performance-wise about the filters.

Frams have been criticized for their construction. Frankly, I don't care if the filter is made out of kleenex & duct tape if it performs well without failure. If Frams were as crappy as one is led to believe, there would be engine failures all over the place from people using them. I'm not seeing it.

Personally, everything I own with an internal combustion engine gets Mobil1 oil. My cars also use Mobil1 or Purolator PureOne filters (higher first-pass efficiency) and go 10k miles between changes. That's hardly a stretch considering that most oil change monitors will go 6-7k between changes with dino-oil.


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