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1998 SL2
Default Re: Exhaust: Options?

took it to a shop today and had them put it on. apparently i needed another 3 bolt gasket. i had the copper one and the one that came with the obx. one of my bolts broke off so they had to get some thing to heli coil thing. also got a stud, the aformentioned gasket, and a clamp(i guess the 2 i had were not enough)

not as fartcanish as i thought it'd be thank god. not sure if i have a leak or not...sometimes when giving it a lot of gas it sounds kinda whispy but when just at a steady speed i don't hear it

i guess i will know if i throw a code or my mileage plummets!!

98 SL2
5th gear swap- .643 gear
245,000 miles
215/45 17"
I burn about a quart about every 1500 miles.

If it ain't broke, fix it some more.


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