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Alot of states are starting to use code readers to test for emmsions. If there is a CEL (MIL) on, of course you fail. If you have pending codes, you won't fail. But, if the readiness monitor is flashing, that indicates that any codes that were there were recently erased, and enough drive cycles haven't been completed to indicate readiness.

I have an Equus 3100 code reader, and it has the monitors on it. Last week, I had a P0341 code, fixed the problem, and erased the code. Monitor initially flashed. Today I hooked up the code reader, and the monitor is no longer flashing.

According to the Equus manual, "To set all monitors to a DONE status, an OBD II drive cycle must be performed. Consult your vehicle's service manual for information on how to perform an OBD II drive cycle for the vehicle under test."

That tells me that there isn't a set cycle for all cars, or whether or not a dealer can run that when he fixes a problem.

I doubt there was a problem with the testing station, or all of the cars would be failing...then again, that might not send up a red flag to a government agency.


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