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Wrench Re: 2.2L ECOTECH Timing tensioner

So I had some increasingly loud rattling at startup and swapped tensioners with the new cloyes version and immediately upon startup i heard some nasty snapping and chain dragging. Ended up replacing every component that comes with the timing chain and balance chain kit from cloyes. guides had broken I'm guessing from being worn and the new tensioner finished em off. Had to drop pan and fish all the pieces out. cleaned everything up well and lubed before start up. did an oil change and found pieces of piston ring stuck to my magnet on the oil drain plug. i had noticed the car smoked sometimes and smelled badly. oil smells like gas. pop oil cap when running and you can feel the blow by. Bought a jy motor for 300 bucks with 80000 on it and ran right before they pulled it for me. how hard is this swap going to be? i did the clutch by myself and it was my first attempt at anything that extensive also is my first manual. i put the duralast one in it bc i bought it years before i knew better and when i could this last summer i did the swap and she is still going 16,000 miles later but im moving and want the engine swap done this week. im pretty mechanically inclined and research and cross reference everything before attempting. would it be wise to purchase a haynes manual before doing this for torque specs and what not? and suggestions would be appreciated as long as they are helpful
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