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it works exactly like that on the ion. "lock" once locks the doors and turns on the alarm, unless the driver's door is open, in which case it locks 3 doors and dings to let you know that it is not locked. after i think 5 seconds the drivers door locks, open or not, and the alarm waits to engage till you shut the door. something like 30 seconds.

"lock" twice makes the car beep to confirm that it is locked. if the door is open, it forces it to lock immediately, instead of waiting 5 or so seconds.

"unlock" once unlocks the driver's door and disables the alarm.
"unlock" twice unlocks the rest of the doors.

how is that anything but "real" keyless entry?

i know the Caddy XLR doesn't even have keys (you walk up to the car and it unlocks if you have the key fob with you, and uses push-button starting), but I don't think that's what you're talking about.
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