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Dizzy 2004 Saturn ion 2.2 manual transmission little to no clutch pedal

We have a 2004 Saturn ion 3 we have replaced the clutch flywheel slave cylinder clutch master cylinder and had it bled by the GM dealer and there is very little clutch pressure still runs and drives but has Half to 1 3rd the clutch pedal as our other ion 3 and canít seem to figure it out.. We have checked the Clutch pedal assembly and is had a very little bit of play I shamed it and put the master cylinder balls clipped back in the pedal and it just feels like you push the pedal halfway or more and then you get pressure..

Any help or input would be very much appreciated as we do not want to damage the transmission.. we have this one that has 210,000 miles (herís) and mine thatís got 283,000 miles.. we love the cars they get good MPG and the have some pep to them for being 4 bangers
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