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Default Re: Successfully lifted Saturn Sw1

Originally Posted by AlexofNazareth View Post
Bolting on Subaru independent front and rear suspension will be more rewarding than dumping a turd frame onto a heavy truck chassis.
Lightweight & nimble > bulky & a garbage ride.

The only downside is that people want too much money for Subaru parts, especially the mechanical LSDs you would find only in the STI Trans/Rear Diff.
That was my original plan but as you said, they cost quite a bit in almost new condition. A friend suggested I should just buy a junkyard Subaru and gut it. On the other hand I'm more toward just using Subaru for technical trails and as a daily while autocross in the Saturd.
1999 Saturn Sw1 3" lifted 170,000 miles - Gambler Project Car
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