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1999 SW1
Default Re: 19999 SW1 temp gauge behaving oddly after radiator replacement

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
Kaspar7, with questions of coolant temps and why the temperature needle swings more than it has after replacing the coolant sensors, there may be a simpler way to have an overall perspective - using a reader capable of displaying coolant temps. If you don't own one and are confused as many about which one to buy, you might consider a free app (option to upgrade for a few dollars) for cellphone use and a bluetooth adapter plugged into the OBD II port. A popular app is Torque and a generic bluetooth adapter from ebay. Members already using them can recommend bluetooth models. Or buy a plug-in reader. Observing actual temperatures may give you more insight to correlate temps to every day driving. And these OBD II tools can decode the check engine light.
Thanks, but I'm so old-school that I just bought a candy thermometer for $5 at Kroger. I'll open the recovery tank, start the engine and watch the temperature until the fan starts spinning. I already have an older OBD II reader but it doesn't have the "live data" feature so it won't tell me the temperature. Check Engine light goes on and off sporadically due to a random misfire. (P0301)

What I need right now is the #$%^&^ bolt that holds the fan shroud to the radiator. I was taking the fan out to replace the motor. That went fine, but... Friggin' time warps! I took the bolt out and put it in a magnetic parts tray with the other bolts and nuts I removed. So naturally, it has vanished because it's 5:00 and I don't have much good light left. I need to know what thread size and length that bolt is. Probably find one at Home Depot - if I know what to get. It's about 5/8" long, has a 10mm head. Don't know any more than that.


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