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Default Re: 97 Saturn Fuel System Problems?...Help!

The car just rolled over to 180,000 miles. The fuel filter is only about a week old now. The one previous was barely a year old. Sorry I left that part out of the original post.

They replaced the catalytic converter and the front O2 sensor (which turned out to be faulty) for nearly $600. Which is cheaper than what the dealer quoted me, but still...

Yes, the SES light did come back on once the problem started up again. Then it went off at one point, but came back on by the time I got it to the final mechanic. It hasn't come on again yet, but I also have only driven it sporadically and for short distances since I brought it home. I'm pretty confident that it would only take 80-150 miles going about 70 non-stop to reproduce the herky-jerky motion.

Thanks for all the tips! I'm no mechanic, so if it is the fuel pump or crank sensor, about how much should I pay for each, with labor? I may try to make friends with a mechanic (someone with whom I can pay in food, livestock, etc.), but I'll probably end up back at the garage.


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