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Default Re: Ring job question and timing chain question

Hummmmmm - you know, I hadn't thought of that, but it sure does make sense to me. Having owned a few Chevy V-8's which are famous for bad valve guide seals, I should have thought of that. It just goes to show I'm not scratching my head in the right spots.
I've done the MMO soak twice, the SeaFoam soak twice, the "soak in the tub with bubble bath and a cold beer" three times this year, (that was for me in case you were wondering). Oil consumption continues to be the same, (maybe even a little worse).
The only thing that continues to confuse me is that I don't see much smoke coming from the tail-pipe. Someone told me that was because the Cat. converter "cleans" the oil-smoke before it reaches the world of living things. Now that makes me wonder if I'm not well on my way to toasting the converter by all the oil going through the exhaust. Any ideas?

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