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1996 SC2
Default Re: Ring job question and timing chain question

You know the weak spot DEFINITLEY isn't the rings. I am rebuilding my engine right now. It was burning about 1 qt every 900 miles. When I took the rings out they looked fine, not even really that dirty, not worn...I could have re-used them but I had new ones.

The weak spot was my valve guide seals, they were leakin oil into my combustion chamber and even causing a misfire. Pretty bad. It is much easier to change the valve guide seals than it is to change the rings.

Get an entire new OEM timing kit from or
Change other things like the oil pump and relief valve, get an overhaul gasket kit so you can replace all the gaskets and seals.

I've heard bad things about aftermarket rings such as the total seal rings.

Your rings may be sticking so do an MMO soak a few times and see if things get better. I did but it didn't get better so that told me right there that my rings were fine and something else was the problem...but I did the whole rebuild regardless.

-96 SC2 gets 35 mpg mix city/hw.


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