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Default Re: Minor Street Build Questions

Originally Posted by Saturn Night View Post
I used the stock resonator from the 1994 Intake system on Twin Cams, myself.

If the car is daily-driven or used for street-use, then you want the resonator on there. Aside from the noise-suppression characteristics, it help balance the intake pressure waves throughout your rpm-range.

Since low engine rpm translates to low average piston speed, you have low intake velocity(countered by the "garden-hose" effect of the throttle plate) and low-intake volume. Air has mass and takes up space. Therefore, the inertia generated by the negative forces of valves closing during the compression stroke are less likely to disrupt the flow of the incoming air velocity and direction.

If the engine is being used for race-only applications, the resonator may be removed without too much detriment to your power output. Saturn engines benefit from high intake velocity, moreso than high intake volume(both are still important), due to the "undersquare" design. The stroke is greater than the bore diameter. Air doesn't need to expand as wide to fill the cylinder properly, BUT it does need to travel further into the depth of the cylinder.

A resonator can sacrifice high-rpm velocity, due to the fact that it diverts SOME of your incoming air into the resonator, as air will travel the path of least resistance(like water or any other free-moving object in motion or electricity will).
Mainly I'm just maxing out the stats of a DD, witch can get-up and go decently.
I already have the DOHC intake tube, it was a very pleasing swap. Guess I get to play with tubes the next time I hit the salvage, going to try and find something similar to this:

The science behind this is an interesting subject, it has my gears turning haha.

'96 SL1 Originally the family car, passed on to me as my first. "Hellcat" 240,000+ miles and purring smooth.
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