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Default Re: Minor Street Build Questions

Originally Posted by fetchitfido View Post
Not many people have done it and it "doesn't work" all years because the U-joint connecting the rack to the column is different for the manual racks. Only reason I wasn't highly annoyed (NONE of the "guides" mentioned this at the time) was because the donor and receiver cars were about 5ft apart.

1st gen SC2's have the quickest ratio rack from the factory, it'd be a smarter idea to de-power your current rack rather than swap to a manual. Guide:

As your DOHC is still mostly 1st gen you should be able to get a no PS no A/C belt from a SOHC and delete both systems without the hassle 2nd and 3rd gens have.
Well, I went ahead and got a Power Rack 'N' Pinion from a local salvage yard. I figure it would be a good idea to depower the NV7 rack, since they are more plentiful in boneyards, than the manual racks(manual racks must have been straight junk or maybe there just weren't alot of them out there to begin with).

There are a few differences, from the Miata rack, that I would like to touch base on: instead of a cover bolt for the nut holding the pinion gear in place, there is just a cap. Removal of this cap shouldn't be too difficult with the proper tools. In my case, I damaged mine.

There are plastic caps over the inner tie rods, and looking at the design, they should just pop off to expose the flat spots for unscrewing the inner tie rods. I recommend leaving the pinion gears in place, as once the pinion has been removed, the shaft will spin inside the housing. I wound up cutting those plastic shields off altogether. I hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the ass later on.

As far as the pinion gear goes, there are multiple seals and tiny weep holes drilled into ours. Not sure if that os because of the "NV7" variable assist option, or if that is normal. Not sure if that will affect reliability upon reassembly and installing into the car.

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