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Default Re: Strut Replacement With Pictures on a 2000 SW2

Originally Posted by tam85 View Post
....brake rotor, axle etc are not that easy. it usually takes about 4-5 hours.
I changed the struts on my '97 sw2 & my wife's 2001 honda civic at about 130K on each car (original struts and we are the original owners) and learned some interesting lessons...

When? At around 60K miles if you are a mellow driver like me and my wife your struts are ready to retire. But, most people don't and as a result the handling suffers and especially bottoming out over speed bumps etc - after installing new struts I have experienced ZERO bottom outs!

The front on both cars was not that bad. The axle and brake rotor / caliper etc did NOT need to be removed. The job involves some danger to your fingers and body if the spring gets loose.

Now onto the interesting parts...

I replace all 4 struts on both cars. My saturns struts were really tired. My wife's civic had a leaking strut in front and so the front of the car bottomed out easily as it was mush. Changing rear struts of the civic were very difficult. The top and bottom are offset and you have to remove carpet in the trunk! Also, the REAR struts in the civic were like brand new after 120K miles so changing them was a waste of time and money.

The rear struts in my saturn were badly worn. Now my saturn handles great!!

Coil springs... I replaced the front coils with Mcay Norris, which got rid of the sag. The spring was wound differently than the factory. I get a "click" over bumps and rubber noise from the strut tower when turing into a parking space.

Strut Tower Bearings: both cars were in like new condition and you don't need to worry about changing them.

It took about 1 hr for each front strut on both cars - but due to the issue trying to get the mccay noris I removed and refited one or both but they still are really right. My wifes car came out perfect but aligning the rear struts took like 4+ hours - you really should make an alignment template before dissemblying them.

Happy strutting!

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