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I've owned my 03 for a little over a week now. I've been reading your posts and getting a feel for the nuances and aggravation some of you have written about. As of now, I have even gotten to experience a little of what you have described as problems.

My Ion has 16,000 miles on it; low for an 03 and the main reason I bought used. It was 5K cheaper than the 05's and with 15,500 at the test drive, practically new. I travel a lot and will enjoy the mileage benefits over my Suburban. Concequently, I am not near my dealer much of the month. I did not check their database to see what warranty work has been done on the car yet.

I have done a search on recalls, three so far right?, and must assume the turn signal/light/lens replacement has been done. My only real concern so far is the occasional sloppy 2-3 shift noted here as slip-shift? What have those of you with this transmission condition had done as a repair?


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