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Default Any experience with eBay headlights?

I need a new set of headlights for our 2000 SL1. The originals were cracked up in a crash.

The local dealer wants $245 per headlight! wants $145 per headlight

The local pull it for you junkyard wants $100 per headlight

The local u-pull it doesn't have any 2000 or later SLs.

So I went to eBay to find some lights and found these....

At $75 they seem like a good deal for new headlights. I know they are not OEM Saturn parts so there may be some difference in quality. I replaced our driver's side mirror with an ebay knock off and it shakes more than the OEM mirror did. Has anyone purchased these lights before?

Obviously our Saturn isn't going to be at the Concours D' Elegance in Pebble Beach but I don't want to spend money on crappy parts or waste money.

Thanks for the help!
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