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Hi Josh,
If I'm not mistaken, the JG t.b. is bored all the way through. Big deal, right? Wrong! Since they bored all the way through, they fabricate and install a larger throttle plate. So at wide open throttle, more air is "allowed" to enter the intake manifold. Granted, you're limited by a ton of other things, but if you were to start doing all kinds of other mods, the SPS t.b. would eventually be a bottleneck in the system, where the JG would take you a bit further.

Better yet, go the the Classified section here and sign up for a chris97sc2 t.b. I have the SPS one now, but I'm gonna go for Chris' siince he's planning on the larger throttle plate. On my VW, I have a t.b. that was bored pretty big and has a larger throttle plate and it works great--particularly at higher R.P.M.

Hope this helps,

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