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Default ABS/Traction Control Sensor Question

Hello. I have a 2005 Saturn Vue. The ABS and TC lights came on and the problem was diagnosed as a bad sensor. Additionally, the wheel bearing was bad on the same wheel. This part was replaced 1 year ago after an accident. We were scheduled to bring it in for a warranty repair, but the day we were scheduled to take it in my wife was driving in icy conditions, hit the brakes and slid into a curb, which damaged the lower control arm. What Iím wondering is if the ABS malfunctioning could have contributed to her inability to stop the car before hitting the curb. She wasnít going very fast at all (coming to a stop at an intersection), and Iím a little surprised the control arm was bent to the point where it was not drivable. At this point the shop has agreed to replace the wheel bearing and sensor, but Iím on the hook for the control arm. What Iím wondering is whether or not I have a case for getting the control arm repaired at their expense as well? I just donít know enough about how the system works to know whether or not a functioning sensor could have prevented the impact. Thanks for any help!
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