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2002 VUE 3.0L
Default What Timing Belt Kit and Water Pump Kit Do You Recomend? 90K Service

OK.. So given my VUE is going to be at the shop for 2 months (because I don't have time to cope with it now and im gonna be travaling for 2 months) I am going to have the following done:
Oil Change
New Plugs
New Coil Packs (CEL Light)
New Crank Sensor
New Thermostat and Thermostat Housing (It says 3rd design, thinking I should just replace it)
Intake Manifold Gasket
Check Valve Covers (They where done 9K ago, should be ok)
New Water Pump
New Timing Belt
Replace 2nd Fuel Pump
Replace Drive Belt
New A/C Compressor (If i can afford it)

Two things:
While he's in there, should we yank and replace the Alternator? I have no record of it being replaced and the truck has 170K.... Everything seems fine with it, but......

Anything Missing? Also what brands do you recommend?

I am ordering parts through rock auto, so has to be submitted by sunday night, need the crap here by March 15th
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