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Default Possible Throttle Body damage??

I thought I had fixed a p0410 a few months ago but it recently came back. As I was diagnosing the issue, I decided to check if the throttle body needed cleaning. I cleaned it about 2 months ago but the inside of the pivot plate was caked with carbon and soot. Upon removing the throttle body to inspect the icv, I noticed some pitting in the chamber next to where the tip of the icv spindle sits. I've posted pictures but couldn't get in there close enough and have it be worth looking at.

Anyone know what's caused this? I can't say it wasn't there in the past but this is the first time I'm noticing it. I'd assume some massive amounts of heat are to blame, but I've the therm and ects and temp gauge are all working properly...any ideas?

Also, what's the best way to clean out the top part of the injection system (what the throttle body leads into)?
I'm thinking that the 410 is caused by clogged exhaust ports though the car blows exhaust out the tailpipe ok - just assuming since the throttle body is caked.
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