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Default Re: Saturn was about the great employees

Originally Posted by Tiger View Post
Best dealership experience I ever had. I hope someone picks up that great aspect of Saturn.
agreed! Here's hoping that most of the dealers are able to find some company to take them on, weather it be Kia, Nissan, Toyota, heck even FORD???? I would take a good bet that my dealer would be looking at Ford since they are in a city of 65K with no Ford dealer at all. This in a city with all other GM brands sold in America minus Hummer and SAAB, Kia, Subaru, Nissan, the next big three, well I guess you could switch Subaru with Toyota. Luckily the Evansville one was a co-branded with other GM brands in house, but the Terre Haute one, owned by the same folks was just a Saturn dealership. With by far the friendliest staff in the car business. So much so that I would drive an extra 125 miles round trip just to go to Saturn of Terre Haute. I will say this though, GM Kills Saturn, then GM Loses my business. This was a huge stab in the heart for myself as a Saturn owner in the family since 1992. Personally and I am not a ford fan by anymeans, but my next vehicle will either be a Ford, or an import. no money of mine goes to Government motors or Idiot Chrysler group. Not now, not ever again.
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